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About Us

Ridham Dock has two NAABSA berths totalling 225m in length.

Maximum Vessel Dimensions:

Length 102m
Max Beam 17m
Max Draught 6.2M

Kingsferry Bridge Air Draught – Raised = 28.5m / Lowered = 2.8m

Navigation Rules

Daylight and Dark Tides

Up to 84.99m with Bow thruster & Active Rudder

Up to 83m without Bow thruster & Active Rudder

85m and above – Daylight Navigation only

Vessels over 80m require 1 Tug – this may be replaced by bow thruster & active rudder

Vessels over 95m require 2 Tugs – this may be reduced to 1 with bow thruster & active rudder

Vessels with 90m or above LoA or over 6m Draft – Must take Pilot from North East Spit


Quayside – Open Space – Warehouse


Shore Crane:

1 x 40 Tonne / Buckets – Scrap Grabs – Up to 10 metre cc

3 x Multipurpose 360 degree hydraulic cranes

Liebherr LH120:
Liebherr LH60: